Science and Art: How Is It Connected?


So there I listed a few examples of how randomness can still create the idea of interesting and engaging art but where did this interest come from?

Well I think a big lead into this kind of art comes from projects like the Sinusoidal Functional Pendulum.

In the real world, sinusoidal functions can be used to describe mechanical functions such as the swinging of a pendulum or natural phenomena such as hours of daylight. Yet to the unknown human this merely looks like a pendulum that was pushed one day and just rustles around carelessly.

The idea that the pendulum knocks down each peg according to a specific set time is fun in itself but it’s the period in-between each hour that I find so fascinating.

This is the postmodern that I have been talking about. Sure this specific project runs at a incredibly specific stage but what if it didn’t? What if the pendulum just chose its own past? Would you be more engaged? Maybe it’d tempt you to watch for even longer now knowing only the future knows when these pegs will fall down.

This is what I love about chance. About the random.


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