Day 1 – Art, Tech, and Chance!

Chance. It’s one of the biggest contributors to both fear and happiness because of how it structurally leaves you in a state of unknowing for a certain period of time. Whether it’s good or bad, there’s no denying thinking about your chance of any part of the day can leave you feeling totally gobstruck by all the possibilities out there. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about chance in terms of how it finds its way into peoples lives and the post-modern art world.

What I love so much about post-modernism is how it never really attempts to be anything it’s not. Is Duchamp’s toilet in a space anti-authorotarian or anti-modernist? Both maybe, but who cares? But post-modernism is popular because the answer isn’t “This, this, or that”, it’s popular because it just is. Who cares what Duchamp’s theme is! All that matters is that it’s here, it exists, we exist!

There is no good and no bad in post modernism, and while that is not always the functional way to live. It’s systemic to how humans should go at living their lives. Every decision matters and every action will cause a different reaction, but at the end of the day perhaps neither action is better than the other. It’s just…different.

I want to explore this idea of “no better decision” and how it correlates with the post-modern and chance.

Maybe I’ll run out of things to write about…but I’ll take that chance 😉


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